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Search tips

On you can find your new home. You can search more than 500,000 public housings across the country, and you can find both apartments, townhouses and houses for rent.

Use the filters to customize your search

You can customize your search to your own needs and wants by clicking a wide range of search filters on and off.

You may search after homes that are on the way to becoming vacant. You can search for homes allowing you to keep the cat or a house in Copenhagen with shared laundry and a maximum of 10 minutes to the nearest public transportation. You can filter your search in many different ways depending on whether you are looking for a home for your family, if you have become single after a divorce, or if you have a disability. You can also search the distance to public transportation if you commute to and from your home.

However, please be aware that the more search criteria you click on when you search, the fewer housings will appear in your results. So if there are not enough homes popping up in your search, you can try removing some of your search criteria, which should give you more results.

Search availability of handicap appropriate housing

Under the tab 'Accessibility' you will find a housing disability registration. a disability registration is based on three different default scenarios:

  • you use a wheelchair,
  • you have a walking, arm or hand disability,
  • you have a visual impairment

You can filter your search on the three standard scenarios or create your own disability profile, which you can use as a basis for your search.