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About is a portal providing information on all of Denmarks approx. 550,000 public housings. Here you can search for public housing across the country, and you can customize your search easily to suit your needs and desires. is a collaboration between the National Building Fund, Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing Associations and Local Government Denmark. is established under the Law on Social Housing § 64 is part of the National Building Fund, a private foundation established by law. The fund's primary purpose is the financing of construction and renovation of public housing. All public housing units pay a mandatory contribution to the fund. Housing organisations can apply for financial support from the fund for the construction of new public housings or renovation of existing homes.

How to search on

If you are looking for housing, you can search widely in public rental housings throughout the country. There are homes in many different categories and on the different categories are made ​​searchable, so for example, you can search for vacant public housings across the country and in all housing associations.

You can search for a specific type of property such as family, youth or senior housing. Here you can read more about the different public housing types.

You can also filter your search on size, number of rooms, maximum rent, flexible rental, accessibility, pets or facilities. If you for example need to find a home after a divorce, or if you have a disability, it is important to be able to filter and target your housing search.

If you have further questions about, please leave a message for our support team. You can use the contact form via the Support button furthest to the right on the screen. We answer within 24 hours on workdays.