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Campaign for public housing tenants

We all perceive the welfare state, local associations and the folk school tradition as Danish symbols of community. But do we talk enough about public housing?

Many Danes support the values that underlie public housing. There just are not enough people who know about them. We would like to change that, and therefore we have created this campaign.

The public housing movement is a story of solidarity, community, and affordable housing for all. A movement that contains architectural heritage and good intentions.

Public housing is an essential part of the Danish DNA and is something that many of us support and believe plays an important role in society.

Today, more than a million Danes live in public housing. In other words, a public housing tenant is all of us.

At you can easily and quickly find an overview of the public housing organizations in Denmark, where you can sign up - either yourself or your child - provided that the child is 15 years old. You can also see which housing organizations have available housings. 

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