Jump the queue (flexible rental)

In some municipalities you might be able to jump the queue, if you as an applicant meet certain criteria.

The criteria might be:

  • that you are young and wish to move away from home for the first time. Usually you have to be able to document starting or ongoing education or work
  • that you are employed in a stable and longterm position. It is usually also required, that you work at least 25-30 hours a week
  • that you live in another municipality and commute to your place of work, which resides in the municipality, the housing is situated within. It is a requirement, that the employment is of a certain duration and usually you have to work at least 25-30 hours a week 
  • that you have one or more children, who are living with you
  • that you need swift accomodation after separation, divorce or broken relationship
  • that you are senior or disabled and looking for a more appropriate accomodation 

The rules may vary between municipialities. Please contact a housing organisation within the municipality you wish to move to, if you want to know more about how to apply for housing via flexible rental.