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Housing types

Below you can see a brief description of the various housing types, so that you know what to expect in each housing category.

Family Housing

Rental of family housing is prioritized on a waiting list, and a vacant apartment must be offered to the person who is at the top of the waiting list, provided that the household meets requirements related size and composition.

Senior Housing

The term senior housing is a common name for an apartment in a senior center, communes for those with disabilities as well as housing with accessibility for the elderly and disabled.

Youth Housing

If you wish to sign up for youth housing, you typically need to be a student, in an apprenticeship or a trainee in order to apply.


Public housing can be set up as single rooms. Single rooms have one or more living rooms without kitchen. 


If there is any information missing, or if you still have questions regarding your choice of housing type, feel free to call us at: +45 33 76 20 00